Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing, Whats The Difference?

Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing, Whats The Difference?

Outbound marketing techniques focus on pushing the message out, without taking the buyer’s journey into consideration. It most often employs well-known techniques, such as TV commercials, cold calling, direct mail, pay-per-click ads, print ads, email blasts to purchased lists, and billboards. Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing, where the customers find you when they need you. Examples of inbound marketing include content marketing, blogging, SEO, and opt-in email marketing.

The inbound marketing methodology relies much on content to do the job. In this process, strangers are attracted to websites through blogs, relevant content, and paid optimization of keywords and search engine results. It is no secret that nobody likes being bombarded with advertising messages in any form or being forced into making choices. This strategy relies on enticing consumers with quality content, engaging and interacting with them, and giving them a choice to take further action.

inbound vs outbound marketing

We are all different in vast aspects, the perfect marketing strategy would be the one that suits your personality or the business model and serves it well. Secondly, since inbound marketing is focused on the customer, one has to identify what the customer’s needs are. This is the reason why marketers find it hard to vet how well inbound marketing works. While you are paying little, your business is seeing a huge return as customers become more trusting of your company. Not only do ads come up before a video begins, but if the video is long enough, you’ll be interrupted mid vid with an ad.

Inbound Marketing

Examples of this include cold calling, TV ads, pop up ads on websites, trade shows, and display ads. Businesses play the numbers game with these tactics, putting themselves in front of as many people as possible and hoping to see a return. The goal is to meet customers where they are so they don’t feel like they are being sought out and sold to in an over the top way. This means creating content that resonates with customers so your website, blog, and social media pop up with the answer when they search for a question. Initially, you will reach very few customers since search engine optimization is a process that takes time to show results. Still, after a few months, you will get an increased ranking, and the traffic will start to flow not only once but for an extended period. The outbound method offers benefits from its tie to the business-to-business angle, where marketing targets are already established.

However, it is no easy task to engage web visitors and convert them into paying customers. Read on and find out in the next chapter how you can engage web audiences smartly. Tracking return on investment can be difficulteven with web analytics as drawing an accurate picture of behaviour from the collected data is a skill-set in itself and can never be fully accurate. Inbound does frustrate or irritate your prospect, indeed the mantra of Inbound marketers is to ‘delight’ prospects. While the funnel is longer, and SEO, SSM and Content Marketing take time to build a following and achieve results; the effects are long-lasting.

Inbound marketing is subtle and is keen into convincing the prospects to make a purchase decision when they’re all convinced about the product/service and the added support facilities. Instead, it works on the expectation that at least some ratio of the concerned audience gets converted. The inbound approach helps you align your marketing strategies with the specific points in your buyer’s journey. While inbound techniques drive digital marketing maturity and help companies engage better with their intended audience, there are both pros and cons to be considered. When the internet evolved into the ever-present force that we know today, it provided consumers and buyers with the ability to research their problems and solutions much more quickly and easily. With that, people and brands began to distribute content at a rapid pace filling the demand for content.

inbound vs outbound marketing

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That’s because outbound marketing tends to entertain the audience while inbound marketing tends to engage with the audience. It takes time to get leads organically from search engine optimization. For a website to appear at the top of the search result pages, it takes an amount of time.

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If inbound replaced outbound, we would be setting up call centers and low paid order takers and maybe even replacing sales professionals with shopping carts. However, this is simply not the case for B2B organizations and nor do we think we’re heading there anytime soon (phew!). This has empowered buyers to take more control over the products they purchase and the way in which they go about buying them, which is why the inbound methodology was born. There was a massive shift in the marketing world within the last decade that put pressure on marketers everywhere to use the inbound methodology. Ultimately, what you can consider to be the best is the one that works for your business. Keeping a balance between the two is ideal, as mixing methods will allow you to experiment, measure, and repeat until you find the one that really works. If you have a budget, you can consider running paid ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, just to name a few.

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